Are LED Table Lamps Any Good? Are They Better Than Traditional Ones?

Lighting fixtures have evolved quite a lot over the past decade. More and more, LED lighting appears to become mainstream, despite the relatively high price of such systems. There must be something good about LED table lamps, since so many people prefer them to conventional ones. Let’s see what makes LED lights so good and why you should consider choosing them for your home.

best led table lamp reviewsOne of the biggest benefits of using LED table lamps is that they consume way less power than traditional lamps. The LED technology allows you to enjoy bright light at very low wattage values. This means that you can use your lamp as much as you want and still not pay a small fortune on electricity bills.

The low energy consumption of LED lights is one of the top reasons why some many people choose them over traditional light bulbs. Even though they cost more, they surely pay off on longer term, as they are extremely economical. Who wouldn’t like to slash their monthly energy bills without compromising on their comfort? The initial price isn’t that high, after all, if you consider the savings you can accumulate over 10, 15 or even 20 years of using these LED lamps. Their lifetime is truly amazing.

As mentioned above, the other advantage of LED desk lamps is that they have a very long useful life. You pay for them once and use them virtually forever. They have such a long life that you won’t need to bother with finding replacement LED bulbs. In fact, some lamp models don’t even allow for replacements, as their LED lights are integrated into the lamp body. This doesn’t mean you won’t have the opportunity to enjoy these lamps for decades. You’ll probably get bored with their style before needing to replace them, so they offer an excellent value for money.

LED lights don’t generate heat. This is yet another thing to keep in mind when searching for the best table lamps for your home. As LED light sources never reach high temperatures, these lamps will always be safe to use, even for your children’s bedroom. Even if they touch the LEDs, they won’t burn their fingers. Besides, reading during hot summer evenings will be a pleasure, as you won’t have to put up with the heat generated by your reading lamp.led table lamp reviews

Last but not least, you can choose the type of lighting you prefer. There are LED systems with warm light, with neutral light, and with cold light. If you want to enjoy the soft and fuzzy feeling of old incandescent bulbs, you should choose warm LED lighting systems.

If you need your table lamp for reading, you may want to go for neutral light, as it is closer to the natural daylight you’re used to. This light color is easier on your eyes. For people who prefer cold light, there are LED table lamps that provide just that color temperature.

These are the main reasons why LED table lamps are really good. Choose them and you won’t regret it for one moment.


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