Benefits Of A Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

If you are thinking of getting garbage disposal, one of the types you can get is a batch feed garbage disposal. While there are some reasons why this might not be the best option for your home, there are other benefits that you can get. You should know what these benefits are before you make any decisions regarding your garbage disposal purchase.

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Benefits of Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

  • Safety

The primary benefit of a batch feed garbage disposal is the safety. These disposals have a cover that needs to be closed before they turn on. This prevents and items falling into the grinding chamber as it runs and stops anything in the chamber coming out.

The safety of these disposals makes them ideal for homes with small children. Small children are curious and they could put their hands in the garbage disposal if they can reach. If you have a continuous feed unit, this may cause a lot of damage.

  • Easy Installation

When it comes to installing garbage disposal under your sink, you might want to do this yourself. This will save you money, but only when you choose the right unit. Batch feed disposal units are easier to install than the continuous feed units as they are not hard-wired. Continuous feed units will need to be installed by a plumber.

The batch feed units will have a power cord and not be hardwired. They are also compatible with most plumbing. Of course, you can call a plumber to handle the installation of these units if you are unsure of what to do. The cost of the installation will be lower than the continuous feed units because there is less for the plumber to do.

  • It Is Quieter

Batch feed disposals will make less noise because of the cover. The cover acts as a sound seal and stops the noise from the grinding chamber. These units will also have sound insulation to further reduce the noise they make.

This is an important benefit because some garbage disposal can make a lot of noise and this may make you nervous to use them. If you have babies in the house, getting a quiet garbage disposal is vital to ensure you do not disturb them as they sleep. You will also be able to clean your kitchen while talking to others in a normal tone.

  • Only One Switch

To activate, the batch feed garbage disposal will use a magnetic cover. This means that you will not have to line up multiple switches in your kitchen to control it. Installing garbage disposal switches can be expensive and this is another way that the unit will save you money. This is another reason why these units are much easier to install than the continuous feed units.



If you are looking for garbage disposal, you should consider getting a batch feed disposal. While this can take longer to dispose of large amounts of waste, there are many benefits that you need to consider. These units are easier to install, quieter, have only one switch and safer than the other units on the market.