Best Airless Paint Sprayer By Graco

With the best Graco airless paint sprayer, you can take on projects of all sizes. This reliable power tool will make it easier to spray large areas much quicker.

Some of the top picks include:

#1.  Graco Magnum X7

Graco x7 airless paint sprayer

– Graco Magnum X7 is easy to move around on its cart and has incredible reach. Rated for spraying up to 125 gallons of paint per year, it is no wonder that the X7 is the Graco model recommended by almost 95% of reviewers.

The convenience of a carted sprayer is most appreciated when working on large-scale projects like multi-story buildings, decks, or other structures of a substantial size where maneuvrability is important.

An important benefit is that the cart is sturdy enough to support a hose of up to 100 feet for maximum reach. It also features a SwitchTip for reverse flow to clear any clogs in the nozzle and a powerful stainless steel piston pump strong enough to pump un-thinned latex paint.

#2. Graco Magnum ProX19

Graco magnum pro x19 sprayer for large project

– Graco Magnum ProX19 has a powerful 7/8 horsepower motor that provides the pump with plenty of power. Designed for professional painters and contractors or individuals looking to achieve a professional-level result, this fast and efficient spray painting tool is ideal for covering large surfaces in a short amount of time.

Rated to spray up to 500 gallons of paint per year, the powerful DC motor provides the pump with enough power to spray thick exterior or interior paints. Some of the most remarkable features of the Graco Magnum ProX19 include adjustable nozzle pressure, a tool-free mechanism for pump replacement, and an aluminum cart to move around easily. Even though the included hose is 50 feet in length, the cart can support up to 150 feet of hose for incredible reach.

The only drawback could be its hefty price tag. However, when compared to more basic airless sprayers, you will have a professional sprayer with a rebuildable pump that will provide you with years of efficient and reliable painting.

Graco x5 airless paint sprayer

#3. Graco Magnum X5

– Graco Magnum X5 is in the mid-price range and has a sturdy metal stand to sit on. Easy to operate, this paint sprayer can tackle both mid-size and large projects with ease.

Rated to spray 125 gallons per year, it has a half horsepower pump powerful enough to propel paint through a hose of up to 75 feet long, although the hose included is only 25 feet long.

#4. Graco Magnum 257025

The overall best Graco airless paint sprayer is undoubtedly the Graco Magnum 257025. This powerful and versatile tool is a popular choice for DIY homeowners and professional painters alike. Fully adjustable pressure gives it the ability to handle even un-thinned paint without hesitation.

Graco airless paint sprayer reviews

The Graco Magnum 257025 has several useful features that make it stand out from its competitors:

• By rotating the spray nozzle to reverse flow you can clear blockages simply and easily during operation.
• It includes a Power-Flush adaptor that makes use of a garden hose to clean the machine in a fast and efficient way. This saves the frustration and time of manual flushing.
• A 50-foot long hose allows enough length to move around while working without the need to constantly move the machine and a bucket of paint.

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