What’s the Best Mop For Laminate Floors?


Before you start cleaning laminate floors, there are a few things you need to know. To begin with, water is not a friend of laminate floors. The best mop for laminate floors includes cloth or dry mops that won’t add additional water to your floors while you are cleaning.

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Here is a list of 4 of the best mops for laminate floors:

1. Ubesto Spray Mop Set

This self-contained 2-pound mop set comes with a microfiber-pad system. This is one of the better mops as it is self-contained, and comes with a refillable 600-milliliter spray bottle that you can add your cleaning solution to. This mop does not require electricity or batteries and features a 180-degree swivel design along with a convenient ergonomic handle that offers an easier way to clean and reach all types of surfaces, including glass and windows.

This set includes different pads to match up to different surfaces. The soft-floor pad is the best choice for laminate floors to make sure you do not scratch the surface or allow moisture or excess water to cause damages to your floors.

2. Swiffer Sweeper Cleaner – Dry And Wet Mop

For a budget-friendly price of only $10, the Swiffer Mop Starter Kit comes with a mop, 3 wet cloths, and 7 dry cloths. The dry cloths are a better and safer option for laminate floors. The Swiffer is both a mop and a sweeper which means you can use it to clean and dust all types of surfaces. The disposable pads included with this set are thick and conform easily to most grout lines and textures. You can also buy replacement sets for $5 for a set of 16.

3. Reusable Microfiber Mop Pads

These microfiber mop pads measure 5 inches in width and 11 inches in length. They fit well over most models of hand-held mops. These pads are not only machine washable, but also come with straps that securely connect over the top of the mop.

4. Bissell PoweFresh Steamer Mop


In most cases, steam mops are not a good idea to use on laminate floors. However, the Bissell Steam Mop offers a thorough, yet gentle clean for your laminate floors without moisture levels that can ruin the surfaces.

This innovative mop uses a combination of heat and steam technology that provides the deepest, chemical-free, and safe clean. Due to the addition of heat, this steam mop is able to eliminate up to 99% of germs. The digital control panel allows you to customize the way you clean with the option of a low, medium, or high setting. There is even the option to add in a Febreze fragrance disc for that touch of added freshness.

The water tank is very easy to top up (with distilled water), while the flip-down scrubber provides exceptional cleaning power. The Bissell mop only weighs 8.3 pounds which makes it easy to move around, yet it does have to be plugged into an outlet while you are using it. This mop comes with an impressive 2-year warranty.

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